German immigrants brought and transplanted their Christmas traditions many of which, over time, took root and became part of a broader American culture. What would the holiday be without gingerbread houses, decorated evergreen trees, and sugared cookies?  Germanic settlers who made Pennsylvania their home also celebrated in ways that never made it to the mainstream. Moravian stars, upside down trees strung with pretzels and schnitz, and Putz’ are a few of the delightful customs little known outside Pennsylvania Dutch circles.  We will explore the traditions, superstitions, foodways, and decorative arts that make Pennsylvania German Christmas unique and fascinating. Sweet Remembrances will be beautifully appointed for the holidays and Nancy Reppert will prepare a delicious and elegant full tea.

Sunday December 13th (Filled)
1:00 - 3:00 pm
Fee: $50.00

Note: Program topic changed due to circumstances beyond our control. Susanna will contact registrants.