Fresh Herbal Luncheon

Guest Chef Linda Gauvry of TasteBuds, a creative personal chef passionate about preparing fresh quality food will prepare a fabulous summer menu. Bottomless pots of properly brewed tea will be offered also. Follow Linda on Facebook, too. 

Appetizer Trio:
Stuffed Cucumber Bites
Mini Caprese Skewer
Creamy Grape Salad

Choice of Entree:
Creamy Blueberry Chicken Salad (chicken with fresh basil and blueberries in a creamy honey lemon dressing over mixed greens), served with a homemade roll
Zucchini and Corn Quinoa Salad (quinoa with fresh corn, zucchini, and basil pesto topped with toasted almonds, over greens) served with a homemade roll


Coconut Cake with Pineapple Filling

Saturday, August 25th
1:00 pm
Fee: $30.00, all inclusive